Bruxism or teeth clenching is caused when you grind your teeth a lot, which leads to jaw pain and tooth problems. Many people grind their teeth while sleeping. The bruxism symptoms include loose teeth, jaw pain, earache, teeth wearing, eating pain, jaw locking, teeth pain, headache and facial pain in the morning, etc. Bruxism can hurt your teeth, jaw, temporomandibular joints or TMJs, connecting your jawbone to your skull.

If you experience such symptoms, you must go for treatment. If left untreated, Bruxism can cause several issues such as aesthetic problems, distorted facial profile, loose teeth, chipped teeth, harming jaw and neck muscles, fractured teeth, and more. Bruxism happens in adults as well as children. It may happen due to sleeping disorders, anxiety and stress, the result of certain medications, etc. The dentist diagnoses Bruxism based on the physical exam and evaluating your symptoms. For a definitive diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe some tests too.

For treating Bruxism effectively, visit Franklin Bright Smiles. We offer numerous services to treat all types of dental conditions, including Bruxism.

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