TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment

The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a hinge that connects your lower jaw and the skull. This joint can be found near the ears of both sides of the head. It helps you to move your jaw in all directions so that you can speak and eat.

TMJ Disorders are the deep injuries of the joints or muscles of the head or jaw. Many times, it happens due to Arthritis in the joint. It is quite common among people between the age of 20 to 40 years. If you feel severe pain in your neck or your face, then you may be suffering from TMJ disorders. By limiting the movement of the jaw and muscles, it becomes a difficult condition for people.

TMJ cannot be treated at home. You must visit a dentist to get relief. There are some medications too for TMJ such as muscle relaxers, antidepressants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAID, etc. The dentist prescribes the same based on the health conditions of the patient.

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