Denture Repair

Denture Repair

It must be difficult for you to eat if you have a missing tooth, isn’t it? Also, people with missing teeth are at risk of developing gum disease. The facial muscles can also sag over time and harm your overall oral health. A denture is a standard solution for those who have lost either one or some teeth.

Dentures are also called false teeth. These are dental prostheses that can replace one or several teeth. A denture is a removable teeth replacement. It perfectly fits on your gums and looks just like natural teeth. Other than replacing missing teeth, it is also beneficial because of the reasons like enhancing chewing ability, improved speaking ability, protecting remaining teeth, preventing face sagging, preventing infection from developing, etc.

You can easily get the denture if you have a good jawbone structure and healthy gum. Missing teeth can lower your self-confidence. If missing teeth impact your day-to-day life, it is the time to visit Franklin Bright Smiles and restore your oral health and enhance your teeth appearance.

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