When the tooth is too severe and cannot be treated, then tooth extraction becomes the only option. A dental extraction can be the removal of one tooth or more. It is necessary when a patient is found to have an infected tooth, tooth decay, damage to the jaw, overcrowding, gum disease, and more.

There are several advantages of tooth extraction such as relief from excruciating tooth pain, prevention of infection and inflammation, keeping the adjacent teeth safe, etc. Tooth infection damages the teeth intensely. In this case, the filling does not help. Though the infection can be treated using antibiotics, if the patient has a loose tooth, then extraction is the last resort. Also, when there is not enough room in the mouth, the teeth need to be extracted. The advanced stage of gum disease also leads to loss of teeth, needing extraction. Many times, the third molars or wisdom teeth cause problems because it fails to make adequate space for them. Wisdom tooth removal is also necessary for such conditions.

The dentist at Franklin Bright Smiles is an expert in tooth extraction and knows when exactly it is needed.

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