Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures

Once a tooth is removed, the mouth needs to heal before a denture can be made to replace the tooth. If you need a denture sooner, an immediate denture may be an option.

What is an immediate denture?

An immediate denture is made before the tooth or teeth are removed.

The denture is placed in the mouth straight after the tooth is removed so you do not have to go without.

Are immediate dentures temporary?

After teeth are removed, the bone and gums that held the teeth in place need to heal. When they heal, they change shape.

Immediate dentures are made before the teeth are removed so when the gums heal, the denture will most likely become loose. The denture may be able to have extra material added to help it fit better in the mouth. Sometimes a new denture is needed.

What to expect?

• Your dentist or dental prosthetist will make the denture while the tooth or teeth are still in the mouth.This may need one or more appointments.

• On the day the tooth or teeth are removed, the immediate denture will be ready to fill the gaps.

• The dentist will remove the tooth or teeth.The denture is placed in the mouth in the same appointment.

• You will be asked not to take the denture out until you see the dentist again the next day. They will provide you with advice on caring for your mouth, denture and when to return next.

Approximate timeline for an immediate denture

First appointment: You and Dr.Shruti decide this is the treatment for you.

The denture is made : This may take 1 or more appointments.More appointments may be needed if many or all teeth are to be removed.

Teeth are removed, denture is provided

Review appointment: This takes place24 hours after the teeth are removed.

Further reviews: Further reviews often occur 1week and then 3months later. You can also make extra appointments for your denture to be adjusted if it is uncomfortable.

Denture Reline: The gums change shape after teeth are removed.This can make your immediate denture loose.This is best managed 3months after the teeth are removed. More denture material may need to be added, called a denture reline.

Continue to have regular dental check-ups. It is important to have a check up even if you no longer have natural teeth.

You can get a partial denture to replace only some teeth or full dentures to replace the entire set of teeth from Franklin Bright Smiles.

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