In-chair Whitening

Professional ‘in-chair’ whitening

In-chair whitening can be done when the dental surgery is completed. It provides instant results and can be done in less than an hour. People who have stained or discolored teeth can go for this process to get brighter and whiter teeth. It is a safe procedure.

Do not consider using tooth bleaching products as it contains abrasive agents, which is not good for tooth enamel. In the whitening procedure, firstly the dentist protects the cheeks, lips, and gums. Then, the medical practitioner applies a whitening gel on the tooth surface. By passing the blue light over the teeth, the whitening process gets activated. Due to the strong gel, the patient of the in-chair whitening may experience a bit of temporary sensitivity. However, it entirely depends on the nature of the teeth of the patient. While in some people, the sensitivity keeps lingering after the procedure for a day, some patients do not feel such a thing.

A strong teeth whitening gel is used during an appointment . You will leave your appointment with whiter teeth.Dr.Shruti knows how to do this treatment safely.

If you want to keep your teeth in their best appearance, you must opt for In-Chair Teeth Whitening.

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